Bronze Age
burial mound (1500 BC)

Energy pattern


Energy pattern

    GENIUS LOCI A religious understanding of the Etruscans (1000 BC). It means: A place with a soul and carrier of sacred energies. With them spatially (a whole forest), later a special place and personified, where an altar may stand. This special place, which they felt with their body, can occur in three ways.

    1) Piezo-electric effect. Quartzite provides electrical power off at compression and bending. Under the altar of the church of Thorn is quartzite. By differences in airpressure of the atmosphere, this gives off continuously energy to support the altar function. The people are focused on the altar, but also subconsciously feel the energy delivered. The same happens with stone circles. Give energy to depression, which then rains out.

    2) Magnetism. Een magnetic field generated by a piece of Iron ore underground. If you walk through that field, you get an induction voltage on the nerves according to the induction laws. Above a chunk of ore might be an altar. (Roman villa in Hoogeloon)

    3 high energypoints: These are points in the Earth's magnetic field. This is the case with most sanctuaries. At high energy points an altar, a statue etc.. may be placed. The person is again focused on the altar and his spiritual feeling is enhanced by the high energy point. According to the induction laws gives a feeling of pressure on the body. A sacred place (genius loci) always physically determined and not archaeological.

    ENERGY PATTERNS , which define the Genius Loci in sanctuaries. We give some examples.
      - A tumulus from the Bronze Age. The grave has always been positioned on a supercross. The cremation always happened on the Genius Loci    (= the high energy point).
    - A monastery. You see the energy pattern and why the sidechapels are placed in the apse so. At the high energy point (the Genius Loci) is within the altar
    - The overall energy pattern of a church. Did you ever wondered why our churches are focused to the Ukraine and not to Jerusalem, where Jesus' resurrection will take place? Because the church is situated on the east-west line of the earth's magnetic field. Down the aisle to the altar.

    Formerly was the altar positioned at the right. The altars are the GENII LOCI of the church. In a medieval document of the the construction of a cathedral: "There was a group of men gathered and began to walk" (The question was, where were the Genii Loci?) These men felt the lines with their body, we need a dowsing rod there.

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