A: High energypoint
    In respect to your HEALTH we have a principled advice. Are you sick, visit your doctor.
    We get many requests to measure in homes or give otherwise advice. The strangest things
    we encounter, such as magnets in the fusebox or in the attic. (Of course does not help)
    There are plenty of lines running through your house and even on your bed, is quite normal and not affecting your health. With two exceptions:
    Water Lines , unshielded cables transporting electricity. Be especially anxiuos of transformerhouses in your neighborhood, In our practice a lady, who fled from her villa, where the energy of the transformerhouse, through waterlines, went inside the house and slowly but surely tarnished her resistance.
    Supercrosses On supercrosses altars are built. (See Genius Loci). In unpredictable places supercrosses appear,   So it may be in your bedroom. In our practice a lady, where people appeared to her bed when she fell asleep (Her husband had not affected).
    Or a young couple just bought a nice house, who could not sleep in their bedroom
    All examples of a supercross near the bed. Fortunately, we can help them well. High energypoints in the earth's magnetic field may affect your health. Therefore dowsing should be a basic skill as reading and writing.

    HYPERSENSITIVITY (Electro Hypersensitivity, EHS), occasionally we are approached by people, who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation. We talked about the magnetic field, but it can also come through the air. Just radio or cellphone radiation. These electro-magnetic waves cause induction pulses on your nerves (the laws of Faraday and Lenz).
    Why would you be sick? Just noise you do not suffer. But sometimes people can not live in
    our society, because they have become hypersensitive. It is a terrible disease, you should
    take very seriously. Before you start to cover yourself with aluminumfoil, we have a simple therapy. It's free. Please make an appointment with Klaas.