St. Walrick and the FEVER TREE


Fever tree 1


Chapel St.Warwick

Fever Tree 2

Fever Tree

    The village Overasselt situated behind Grave on the Meuse in Noord Brabant. If you are using the N846, direction Nederasselt,  before entering the village, you will find on the right a charming church (protestant).   There is a wonderful leyline on the path between the graves,   The church itself is a cross, so also on the side is a powerful line  

    As you proceed through the village, at the end of the village turn right into Kasteelse Straat. Beyond the pancakehouse left, immediately left the Heksenbergstraat, A little further there is left a parking lot. If you cross the road, there begins the path (red) to the St. Walrick Chapel. At the end of the path on the right shows the chapel and the fever tree a bit further away.

    However, the power spot is not with the chapel and the tree, but on the hill just to the right in picture fever tree 1. A center of many lines. You could say that the tree is in the wrong place. There are people who know that, because they hang the rags already in the trees of this hill, a very powerful place (it would be a grave). Pt. A is fun. There is a bundle and trees neighborhoods are growing in a U-shape, where the lines go between.

    tree with hole

    If you have found the tree with the hole on the hill than you are right in the powerful energy of this hill. If you look at the picture of the chapel St. Warwick, then you will see the chapel, beside a large tree right and the fever tree. There is a ley line between the wall of the chapel and the big tree. This tree gives you energy, rest between the tree and the wall at point K in fig. It may be that this place is too powerful for you.