magnetic field

Earth's magnetic field

A: point of high energy

    DOWSING ROD : The dowsing rod can be of wood, so no antenna and no magnetic forces which move the rods. Any type of the dowsing rod, characteristic is that it is in active balance position (as standing on one leg). The rods 'll fall due to a slight contraction of the muscles of the forearm. This contraction is so light that you do not notice, so the rod you need to see it.

    YOUR BODY: Question a group in a room, what is the temperature. The body as a measuring instrument, is imperfect.   It has no zero and no scale. In order to set the same demands on the body   as an objective instrument (thermometer) is pretty stupid.
    The CARPENTER EFFECT (ideomotor effect) exists. If you think that ..........
     Also a part of the imperfection of our body as a subjective measurement device.

    HOW DOES IT WORK? The laws of induction of Faraday and Lenz describe the
    operation of a bicycle dynamo, etc. .. The characteristic is that an electric pulse is generated
    in the conductor (copper), as it is moved in a magnetic field. In humans, the conductor is the nerve, in which an electric pulse is generated,  as he walks through magnetic lines . The field lines of the earth's magnetic field induce a pulse in the nerves,  with the result in the contraction of the muscles. You don't notice and therefore you need the dowsing rod. There is another effect. The gigantic energy from the sun is deflected to the poles. Where is this energy. Distribution along the magnetic lines, so they are real energy lines. A magnetic line has a certain width. On entering and going out, the dowsing rod 'll close. Correct, Lenz's law.

    ENERGY PATTERNS. There are several distinct grids. (Hartmann, Curry etc..) On course we 'll tell you more. These lines can form patterns and we have a special focus on the super cross. In Point A, the energy content is much larger than in a line. Therefore,the cross 'll give special effects.
    Something about WATER LINES, with many misunderstandings. Due to density differences of the ground ( loam), the concentration of water is not the same. It is not so much the water, but the mineral deposits (iron ore). These lines pick up electrical charges. So unprotected electrical cables

    (Laws of Faraday/Lenz: U=-blv U=-N d(phi)/dt)